Creating a Space for Creators with Preston Lee of Millo & Solidgigs

Preston Lee, founder of, wanted to create a site where he could help freelancers and solopreneurs figure out how to be better freelancers by teaching them how to improve their business and thrive in saturated freelancing market. He hopes to help freelancers build a sustainable and reliable business.

In 2015, Preston started reaching out to writers, developers, designers, bloggers, illustrators, marketers, and other solopreneurs, started a mailing list, launched a podcast called Freelance to Founder, built a facebook group, and created

Solidgigs started as a side project, or tangent of, to further help freelancers create reliable and long term client relationships. As freelancers we get so wrapped up in our projects that we forget that we need to look for jobs for next month. Preston created SolidGigs as a weekly mailing list. The SolidGigs team filters out the jobs you wouldn’t want to do and presents to you upwards of 100-150 gigs per week that you would want to take on, from design, to writing, to video editing.

Preston’s team, at any given time, consists of 7-8 people, who manage the Millo blog, secure sponsorships, marketing, hosts for the Freelance to Founder podcast.

Preston’s passion comes from helping other people build a business that supports and adds to their lifestyle. Freelancers that use his site are able to travel more, spend more time with their families, and ultimately find that perfect work-life balance.

In 2019, SolidGigs plans to take their weekly email and create a daily email full of gigs as well. There are also courses on SolidGigs if you would like to also turn those freelance job leads into clients that stick around.

I asked Preston what he wishes he knew when he began freelancing that he knows now and, naturally, he wishes that he had known more about some of the business aspects of freelancing. A lot of us artists shutter at the idea of “improving our profit margins,” but, when Preston started educating himself on some of those business terms and how they affect him, he noticed a massive improvement in his freelancing reliability overall.

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