Working For Casey Neistat?!

Alright, friends, fans, and lovers of art! Casey Neistat announced that his company 368 needs a logo on the outside of their building and they are working with Adobe to bring a group of creators to the 368 workspace for one week in New York City. As a video editor this obviously intrigued me and I think I've got an idea for what this logo could be, and I need your help to let Adobe hear about it. Out of over 7000 entries, the over-saturation is real, which is where you come in.

This is a prestigious opportunity and I would love your support! If you can spare a tweet or instagram post or youtube click, I would greatly appreciate it. With your help I could get into this contest for this freelancing opportunity of a lifetime.

If I win this contest, the prize money, of $5K will go toward an endeavor I have been planning for two years. I want to cover the Ididarod in Alaska, by creating an in depth and personal look into the life of mushing.

Here is the tweet that I need shared, if you please. :)

Here is my full entry video. Thanks so very much for all of your continued support. Be sure to tune into my podcast, Project Freelance, for weekly freelance tips.



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