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Shooting Live Music with the Sigma FP

Hey there! My name is K Enagonio and I am a content creator, specializing in tour documentaries, live show photography, urban exploration photography, and travel/adventure photography. In 2018-2019 I had the opportunity to shoot some amazing behind the scenes content for the Sigma Cine team in California, some of which you can see below, and was at the launch of their flagship camera event for the Sigma FP. Ever since that event I've been waiting for an opportunity to put it to the test in my world and this year I finally got to make it happen. I reached out to the incredible Aubrey Duclos and asked if I could put the Sigma FP to the test and she didn't even hesitate and hooked me up with the Sigma FP, some batteries and several Sigma lenses for the summer.

Before we get into my photography from the summer, here are some of the videos I've made for Sigma:


Women in Media


Behind the Scenes of "Operator"


Now, on to my summer of shooting with the Sigma FP camera! First, in August, my band Matriarchs had our first US headlining tour and our friends in WOR played some of the shows with us. They asked me to take some photos for them at the shows and I said, only if I can use the FP! I'll never forget, on this night someone walked up to me after the show and asked if it was in fact the Sigma FP. They were so excited because they had never seen one in person. It was so cool to geek out over this little deck-of-cards-sized device with them.

Often times, as a concert photographer, we are battling to get good lighting, but that's part of the fun of doing it. This little camera is a total powerhouse and once you get your settings and preferences dialed in you can go to town and make some great, high-quality images, even in the darkness of a concert hall.

Here are the first photos I ever took on the Sigma FP of WOR.

My next tour was as a content creator for a band called The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. They were deep into festival season and I had going back and forth all year between their tours and my band's tours seamlessly. They hopped on a festival run hosted and organized by Hawthorne Heights. I got to use the Sigma FP to capture photos and video of these festival shows for Hawthorne Heights, Red Jumpsuit, and Story of the Year. Check em out!

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Story of the Year

Hawthorne Heights

Overall, I LOVE the Sigma FP and plan on buying one as a second camera to my Sony A7iii. My one qualm with the FP, as a videographer and photographer, is that the LCD screen doesn't pop out. It's hard to film at a low angle without popping the screen out to see what you're doing. Other than that, I'm a huge fan of the camera and highly recommend it! Also, a HUGE perk is that it doesn't stop filming after 28 minutes, like Sony's do. I'll have to do a separate blog about the video side of the Sigma FP here in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to join my newsletter to stay up to date with my blog posts.

I wanted to keep this blog focused on concert photography, but if you'd like to see my other photography, including my photos of decaying buildings, please visit

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