Abandoned Church I | Los Angeles, CA

March 27, 2017

My urbex friend, known as Vikers told me that he found an abandoned church in LA. He gave me an hours notice and an address. I showed up and we drove to the bando. We turned onto the street that the church was supposedly on and HOLY HELL it was huge! Apparently there had been a fence around it, but the fence had been removed, possibly because the city is preparing to demolish the building. We scouted the area for a way in and found a window that had been knocked out that led to the basement of the church. We were prepared to dive into the bowels of the church, but wanted to see if there was a safer way in first. As we walked around the front of the building, two bikers opened the front door. THE FRONT DOOR! Like it had  been unlocked for us. I laughed and said, thanks for opening the door, and one of the bikers replied, "it's Sunday, right?" 


This is what we found. 



















 Behind the Scenes Video



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