KTheFemaleScreamer Releases New EP SPLIT under Chasing Satellites

June 23, 2018

Pre-order the SPLIT EP Here!

Kthefemalescreamer has released a brand new album, under her band Chasing Satellites, independently. Known for her screaming, K took a two year hiatus to focus on her singing ability, because it had always been such a challenge for her. After parting with her favorite music project, Mourning Lilith, due to sheer distance between her and the band, who is Western Australia based, she knew that she had to keep making music, and wanted to go for a less heavy sound. The first single, Chasing Satellites, had massive support, so K wanted to make sure she gave the fans her everything. When discussing the new single, Revolutioneyes, she said, "If you know anything about me, you'll know that I am absolutely fascinated and obsessed with the idea of space travel, exploration, and the certainty of life beyond our world. When I got the instrumentals back for this track I knew exactly what I would be writing about. Inspired by the great accomplishments of Elon Musk, and thanks to Ashley Vance, for writing her incredible biography about Musk. If you have met me I have most likely brought him up in conversation, and if not, I'm sure I will soon. I shall continue to make connections with people to reach his desk, so that I may film an incredible documentary about him. So, I know you know someone who works for one of his many companies, and I know you'd be stoked to be one of the people in the project, so, share it with them. Share it with Elon! For the sake of...well, my dreams I guess! Haha!Here's the lyric video I made for the song Revolutioneyes, which is a tribute to Elon and a congratulations for overcoming every obstacle and proving everyone wrong! Keep kickin ass, Starman! Black-on-black, that's the Tesla!" 


Fans can check out the lyric video for "Revolutioneyes" on the KtheScreamerOfficial YouTube channel now.

Chasing Satellites is also excited announce pre-orders for their upcoming EP, SPLIT, which is set to be released in late July. The EP features the two singles the band has released thus far, "Chasing Satellites" and "Revolutioneyes." When talking about the EP, K continued, "I knew that if I wanted to continue as a vocalist, that I had to take a step back from screaming and focus on clean vocals. I put the heavy music aside and brought in more RnB, Hip Hop, Country, and even some Rap. Thanks to artists like Halsey, The Weeknd, NF, Chase Atlantic, Astrid S, Rascal Flatts, and James Young, I feel much more capable and confident with my singing."


The EP was cowritten, mixed, and mastered by K's long time friend Eric Ferraro, who has worked with her on a majority of her music since moving back to the US from Australia. 


Fans can pre-order the SPLIT EP now on Bandcamp and can stream it, iTunes, and Spotify upon release. 

"Chasing Satellites" and "Revolutioneyes" are available to purchase on iTunes and to stream on all digital platforms.

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Download the album/grab some merch (space cat!): chasingsatellitesmusic.bandcamp.com

















































K's new adventure/travel/abandoned exploration show:


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