Photographing The Oregon Coast

Updated: Feb 1

Welcome to The Oregon Coast!

Location: United States

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The Video

Humbolt Redwoods State Park

Our first photography location was within the Hombolt Redwoods State Park. This area of the west coast is known for its giant redwood trees. These are the largest trees in the world and to see them in person is extraordinarily special. We parked the Rav4 and snapped some killer photos of it. I think Toyota needs to put them in their dealerships, personally...

Cooks Chasm

We pulled off the highway and parked in a parking lot and to our surprise we happened to be at one of the coolest lookouts on the Oregon Coast! Welcome to Cooks Chasm, Here's some info about the formation from Shane Kucera of,

"Thanks to the Pacific Ocean colliding into this jagged shore, there is a constant exhibition of water spouts and exploding waves—a natural phenomenon that is well worth a long drive to see. For an especially dramatic display, visit this destination at high tide or during a winter storm."

This photo almost didn't make the cut, but it grew on me. I love the empty bench with the foggy Oregon terrain in the background.

Oregon Forest Drone Shots

After Cooks Chasm we kept driving for about half an hour, until we pulled off into a park area to fly our drones over the foggy forest. I love the way these turned out! They're so moody!

Multnomah Falls

This place looks like it came out of a Lord of the Rings set, but it's in Oregon! It's a 611-foot tall, icy cold waterfall that roars beautifully. "According to Native American lore, Multnomah Falls was created to win the heart of a young princess who wanted a hidden place to bathe." -

Rowena Crest

We woke up early one morning to hit up Rowena Crest and while I didn't get the long exposure shot I wanted, I know I'll be back one day to get it. There was an FPV drone pilot flying his rig and I had to snap a photo of him. FPV fliers are always so focused and calm looking.

Sunset Overlook

Okay, so this is actually in Northern California, but it was a part of our journey to get to the Oregon Coast and I wanted to share these with you. We drove about 15 minutes through winding mountainous roads to get to this overlook in time for sunset. I should have pinned the location on my phone so I could share it with you all.

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