Exploring an Abandoned Jet Propulsion Facility

Updated: Feb 9

Welcome to The Abandoned

Lockheed Jet Propulsion Facility

Location: California Desert

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The Video

The Property

There are a lot of rumours about this property, including one about an insane asylum and haunted grounds, but apparently these grounds were once full of jet propulsion materials. Today it sits as a deserted cluster of buildings on the outskirts of town. I was joined by my friend Liz (@_Lizzzard_) who told me about the spot. When she brought up that it was abandoned I was sold.

We had to explore this bando.

Getting Past Security

No security at this location, just walked right in. No signs. Just dust. I don't think it's the kind of place that would have to employ security, honestly. It seems like they did a pretty damn good job of hiding whatever it is that was once here. This place is also massive. Who would want to patrol such a vast area of nothingness? To what, protect it from teenagers with spray paint cans and hand guns (there were practice holes in a lot of the metal fixtures here)? I had forgotten something and had to run back to my car, which I shouldn't have done. I knew it was going to be a long day but it was an exhausting day in the sun. What a fun adventure it was though.

We quickly stumbled upon what looked to be a mechanics shop and storage warehouse, with a pile of skeletal remains of some abandoned race cars, which may have done some serious damage in their hay days. I loved the way the blue car with the Monster Energy logos looked against the vastness of the desert behind it and how it matched the blue sky. I had to capture some shots of it.

This is what the inside of the warehouse looked like. They were just storing a pile of cardboard pallets, used for packing and shipping. We tested the pallets and climbed up to the top of the stack for a bit to rest and get out of the sun.

There were a few fork lifts lying around and lord knows what they once hauled around...could it have been rocket parts, perhaps? But then..why all the race cars?

The Spoils

Our biggest find on this journey was definitely the graffiti. We didn't find any rockets or military vehicles or parts. Just a whole lot of graffiti. It really did have a way of livening up the place, though. The bright colors against the sandy background really added an artistic flare to the once camouflaged buildings.

I bet the person that spray painted this is about my age...Any Courage fans out there? I love seeing graffiti way out in the middle of nowhere. That's where everyone goes to practice and earn their chops before hitting the streets in the big city of Los Angeles. This is a playground for Los Angeles graffiti artists. I've seen some incredible art out in the middle of nowhere. Look how creative this next piece is. The way this graffiti makes it look like a shop entry way blows my mind. It looks so inviting, sitting within a crumbling building with its glowing letters.

I love the way this area is covered from top to bottom in people's practice sessions with their spray paint. I'm a bit sad that I've never run into any graffiti artists while out on an exploration. I always seem to miss them, but hopefully one day soon I will run into an artist who will let me capture a bit of their creative process.

Liz decided to climb to the top of this concrete building while wearing my gopro on her head. Thanks for the shots, kid.

We had noticed a fire in the distance and climbed up on top of the building seen above this text to get a better view to see if the fire had been put out, and sure enough, it was. This was our last big building to climb around on before heading out for the day.


We spent about six hours out there looking for a way to get underground, where there are supposedly rockets buried. What I would have done to seen the remnants of a rocket and document that the government had just allowed it to be left there....ooooooh boy it would have been something else. However, all jokes aside, be careful when you are out exploring places like this. There are many dangers, including heat exhaustion, rattlesnakes, mines, I mean, truly, who knows what could be left out there.

*bando (n,): slang term for an abandoned location; an urban exploration trip

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