My Tribute Song To Elon Musk


Okay, so if you know anything about me, you'll know that I am absolutely fascinated and obsessed with the idea of space travel, exploration, and the certainty of life beyond our world. When I got the instrumentals back for this track I knew exactly what I would be writing about. Inspired by the great accomplishments of Elon Musk, and thanks to Ashley Vance, for writing her incredible biography about Musk.

If you have met me I have most likely brought him up in conversation, and if not, I'm sure I will soon. I shall continue to make connections with people to reach his desk, so that I may film an incredible documentary about him. So, I know you know someone who works for one of his many companies, and I know you'd be stoked to be one of the people in the project, so, share it with them. Share it with Elon! For the sake of...well, my dreams I guess! Haha!

Here's the lyric video I made for the song Revolutioneyes, which is a tribute to Elon and a congratulations for overcoming every obstacle and proving everyone wrong! Keep kickin ass, Starman! Black-on-black, that's the Tesla!"

Download the album/grab some merch (space cat!):

My new adventure/travel/abandoned exploration show:

Oh..I also have a podcast about freelancing, if you guys are interested. :)

Elon can hit me up on twitter/instagram DM's: @KEnagonio Looking forward to your rocket ship shaped candy! :D

Co-written, mixed, and mastered by Eric Ferraro:

*All of the footage used in the lyric video was found via public domain or is credited via watermark. Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this song/video, please contact me (K) at

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