Seattle Street Photography

Updated: Feb 1

Welcome to Seattle!

Location: United States

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The Video

Downtown Seattle

I had the opportunity to head up the West Coast to Seattle and wanted to make a street photography video and with that, obviously, comes a blog post with the photos! I won't be typing much, just because I want to let these shots speak for themselves. They were edited with my presets and I'd love to see what you guys edit with them. They're super affordable!

This is the F5 building in Seattle and I love the architecture of it. The three segments look so nice and the way the sky reflects off the building is magical.

The Space Needle

My goal was to find the most creative angles of the Space Needle, because we've all seen the same photos of this iconic landmark. Always challenge yourself when you go out and shoot; you'll be surprised on what you'll yield.

The Ferris Wheel

Another iconic landmark of Seattle is the giant ferris wheel. There's a pier next to it that has a great, unobstructed view of the wheel. Definitely check it out next time you're in town and you're looking to capture the wheel. I do wish I had gone back at night to photograph it lit up, but I'll save that for my next trip.

Back Downtown

Now back to downtown! This is one of my favorite cities in America that I've gotten to explore. If it didn't rain so much I'd move there immediately. I was lucky enough to have a few days of sunshine.

Everyone in Seattle is super friendly, even the cops! Mad respect to this officer for posing for me!

I love the different styles of architecture in this city as well, from old school, to colonial, to modern, it's got a mix of everything to photograph!

Always photograph the Teslas, especially when they don't have front license plates! WOOOOO! Love this shot! I love the building reflections on the hood. So sick!

Seattle From Above

I was headed to try to photograph the tallest building in Seattle, because it's got this beautiful curve in it. I want to photograph it from the terrace, but I couldn't get access that day. However, I walked past the sign that read "Sky View Observatory" and it immediately peaked my interest. I walked into the building, paid $21, and proceeded up to the 73rd floor of the building where I was met with the most phenomenal view in the city. It was the 1st of January so it was completely empty! I spent about four hours up there taking the following photos.

In this photo you can actually see a bit of the curve of the building. One day I'll get that shot, straight up, of this building!

This is the first sunset of the new decade and my goodness it was one of my favorite sunsets of all time! What a view!

Seattle Public Library

My friend Alex picked this spot to go shoot and I'm so glad we did! What a beautiful library!

Dr Jose P Rizal Bridge

One of our last stops on this Seattle trip was the Dr. Jose P Rizal Bridge. It's got a beautiful view of downtown seattle with the freeways leading to it. Check these shots out!

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